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screening resources

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"How to Arrange a Screening" Guide (doc) - including step-by-step information about hosting and promoting a screening, sample flyer, sample generic web post, sign in sheet, feedback form, order form and license agreement.

Production Notes (doc) - including detailed information about the cast and filmmakers, film synopsis, director's statement and more.

Poster Art (pdf)- add your screening information on the poster and get printed

Postcard Art  front & back (pdf) - add your screening information on the postcard and get printed

Sample Flyer (doc) - add your screening information on the postcard and get printed

'carbon nation' Logo (jpg) - design your own promotional material or use for website and blog postings

Production Photos & Press Kit(link) -  download still photos and more from the film at this link

Discussion Guide (pdf) - for post screening discussions and in the classroom


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* Community Screening Guide
* Discussion Guide
* Promotional Materials

new carbon nation curriculum

carbon nation team top tips for reducing your co2 footprint

Free ClimateCounts.org Iphone App. With Climate Counts’ information and support, you can help reduce the carbon footprint of your community, activate climate-conscious consumerism and change business as usual.

 EPA Check your household emmissions calculator

National Wildlife Federation provides personal, campus and school tips & solutions

Facing the Future provides K-12 curriculum

Rocky Mountain Institute On the forefront of energy and resources research, for 25 years, the RMI library is a great resource.

Interfaith Power and Light A religious response to global warming

CARBON CAMPUS A Guide to Action for College and University Campuses

General Guide for Students (not carbon related): How Students Can Lead the Way on Education Reform









spread the word

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circle_cow_blueIf you like what you're seeing on carbonnationmovie.com, then help us spread the word about climate change solutions. How?  Following  are a few suggestions.  If you have other ideas, please drop us a line.


  1. Arrange a Screening in your neighborhood
  2. Post the banner below on the web and link to: http://www.carbonnationmovie.com
  3. Find or create a solution and Submit it to a Global Audience
  4. Embed/Link carbon nation YouTube videos on your favorite websites, forums, blogs, etc.
  5. Join us on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks for joining us and getting the message out there!



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carbon nation will be posting more information on climate change issues shortly...please check back.