Article: ' Hybrid Law' shows what happens when the thin blue line goes green

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January 21, 2016
Film by ASU professor examines an Arkansas town's decision to buy hybrid police cars

When filmmakers dream of scoring prestigious screenings, the names that pop in their minds tend to be Cannes, Toronto or Sundance.

Not in Detroit. And not at a car show.

But an Arizona State University professor couldn’t be happier that his short film is being screened today at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.                 

Peter Byck’s “Hybrid Law” is about a small-town police department in Arkansas, which awkwardly, but lovingly, embraced a new fleet of Toyota Camry hybrid patrol cars. It is being screened in Detroit by Toyota.

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turn on the soil

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Click the button below for a link to a fascinating study by Rebecca Ryals and Whendee L. Silver of UC Berkeley, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, published in ESA Journal, about the carbon sequestration potential of grasslands.

  1. Title: Effects of organic matter amendments on net primary productivity and greenhouse gas emissions in annual grasslands (note purchase is necessary to access full article)

  2. TURN ON SOIL copy

  3. You might also be interested in the work of The Marin Carbon Project featured in carbon nation. Access their website HERE.

Click on the below link to listen to the audio report by Lauren Sommer for QUEST Northern California and the experimental tule wetland farming

Title: California's Deadlock Delta: Is Carbon Farming the Future?

  1. turn on the wetlands