earth school

circle_tree_greenEarth School Educational Foundation, Inc., DBA carbon nation [501(c)3], owns all rights to carbon nation, its first movie production and phase 1 of the carbon nation project.

carbon nation’s charter with the I.R.S. is to produce media about solutions to climate change. Our movie release will launch the carbon nation brand. Our second phase, (after the marketing and distribution of carbon nation), is to make our website a destination for climate change solutions media. We will continue to make short films, we will show the most compelling solutions films from around the world and we will we run student competitions to pick the best climate change solutions stories from the next generation.

Earth School will continue to produce media to promote the fight against climate change, until we put ourselves out of business.

carbon nation [501(c)3] is a not-for-profit venture. All financial support for Earth School is tax-deductible.