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Carbon Nation Action Items

Written by Chrisna on .

carbon nation action items

Energy Efficiency
•    Weatherize your house – if there’s a draft, there’s a leak.
•    When your roof needs repairs, paint it white at the same time.
•    Unplug DVD players, coffee makers, phone chargers – anything not in use.
•    5-minute showers are much better than baths.
•    Raise your kid’s allowance if they help reduce utility bills.

Clean Energy
•    Buy your utility’s green energy option.
•    Solar Hot Water Heaters = huge CO2 reductions.
•    Wind - can your home or office use a small turbine?
•    Geothermal – can you install a home geothermal heat pump?
•    Seek out community purchasing groups to buy & install solar panels in bulk,
like lbog.org.

Land Use
•    Meatless Mondays – eat meat one day less a week.
•    Eat local food, efficiently delivered.
•    Use only Forest Stewardship wood products.
•    Use a push lawn mower.

•    Elect clean energy public servants.
•    Demand tough energy efficiency building standards.
•    Take mass transit at least once a week.
•    Video conference instead of travel.
•    Invest in companies promoting clean energy.
•    If you’re a student, become an engineer.
•    Share all this great info with your family, friends and co-workers.